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Forecourt with cast aluminium sculpture, interior light, height 325cm, and limestone base;
steel fence and gate, pavement, shrubbery.
Location: Episcopal Palace, Veemarktstraat, Breda, NL
Commissioned by Mgr. Muskens, Bishop of Breda

A text is carved around the sculpture in the limestone base:
“Laat uw leven uw¬†doop weerspiegelen” (Let your life reflect your baptism).

The vase with open cloud figures suggests ‘water from heaven’.
The limestone base suggests the pouring of water.
At night the vase is lighted from inside.
The vase motive returns in the fence and the gate.
The gate is in a half circle, embracing the visitors.
The pavement of the forecourt extends into the street (connection with outside).
Two trees stand guard outside the gate.
The shrubbery conceals functional areas (for bicycles and garbage cans).


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Plan of the forecourtxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe Late Mgr. Muskens and his housekeeper


Bisschopshuis (58)Photo: Philip Fens

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