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Working in and for the public space is, for me, basically an act of friendship.


‘BARIŞ’ (Peace)

Emperador marble, 180x90x135cm. 17th Alanya International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Turkey, November 2022


‘SÖYLE – SPEAK’. Kommagene Biennial, August 20-October 20, 2022. Kahta, Turkey


In the Kommagene Biennial, curated by Nihat Özdal, 53 artists from 23 countries made installations to create an imaginary new civilization at the fabulous archaeological sites of the Kahta district in southeastern Anatolia. The sites include a.o. Mount Nemrut, Arsameia, Karakuş Tumulus and Kahta Castle. My work was installed on the riverbed of the Cendere Creek at the foot of the late Roman Septimius Severius Bridge, built by Legion XVI Flavia Firma, near the ancient city of Arsameia. It consists of a boulder in which the word ‘SÖYLE’ (Speak) is carved, surrounded by seven boulders in which an ear is carved. It is a place for free speech and listening, two prerequisites for a new civilisation.


‘GREAT ACTORS’, ensemble of five sculptures

‘Great Actors’ – 2000-2021 – aluminium, goldplated bronze, glass, multilayered coating – height 150-210cm.

Made in 2000 for the Bernardplein, opposite the theater in Den Helder, NL. Removed in 2016 when the site was renovated. After complete restoration relocated in 2021 to Kreekpark, Den Helder


‘Obitsjanka’ (Promise) – 2021 – with Roeki Symons. Steel, labradorite – height 400cm. Aleksandria Boulevard, Bila Tserkva, Ukraine



‘Dreamboat’ – 2020 – granite, stainless steel – L625xW225xH360cm – Yellow River Sculpture Park, Wanrong, Shanxi Province, China



‘Promise from Nature’ – 2019 – steel – L300xW300xH450cm – Minqin Desert Sculpture Park – Minqin, Gansu Province, China
‘Free Speech’ – 2019 – marble – L217xW200xH210cm – Dominik Caddesi, Izmir, Turkey
‘The Last Word’ – 2018 – marble, aluminium – L115xW110xH180cm and L115xW80xH160cm – Ceyhan City Park, Ceyhan, Turkey
‘Fisherman’s Tale’ – 2017 – stainless steel – L240xW110xH220cm – Plaza La Aurora, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
‘Dreamboat’- 2016 – granite – L200xW150xH250cm – Parque Internacional de Esculturas Domadores de Pedra, Bento Goncalvez, RS Brasil


‘Peace Accord’ – 2016 – marble – L210xW110xH90cm – Fulya Sanat Cultural Center, Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey


‘Featherlight’ – 2011 – stainless steel, granite – L150xW150xH850cm – City hall, Den Burg, Texel, Netherlands


Monument for the Human Rights’ – 2010 – brass, LED spots – L250xW250xH90cm – Zaantheater, Zaandam.
Inverted singing bowl with text of the 3rd article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, sounded at commemorations of the human rights.


‘moNUment voor Vrede en Samenleving’ (Monument for Peace and Community) – 2010 – Granite, inlaid with 48 kinds of stone from the different countries of origin of the citizens – 2pcs. L190xW80xH270cm. Granite text inlaid in pavement: ‘DEEL DIT MOMENT’ (Share This Moment). – Thaliaplein, Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands
Countries of origin and text
Great News’ – 2006 – granite, aluminium – W125xW275xH220cm. Kerkstraat, Sliedrecht, Netherlands – In 2017 relocated to Willem Dreespark, Sliedrecht.
Forecourt episcopal palace – 2005 – overall design with aluminium sculpture L113xW113xH32cm, LED ground spot inside, limestone base 650x450cm, steel fence/gate 1500×150/180cm – Havermarkt, Breda, Netherlands
‘Singing in the Rain’ – 2004 – granite – L125xW125xH500cm – Seolbong Park, Icheon, South Korea
‘Running Mate’ – 2003 – granite, bronze, PU paint, L175xW175xH265cm – granite path, L20m – Kloosterstraat, Deurne, Netherlands – relocated to Keltenstraat, Deurne, in 2019


‘Rain Between My Ears’ – 1999 – granite – L225xW225xH400 – Yuzi Paradise, Guilin, Guangxi Province, China
Landmark – 1997- steel, stainless steel, PU paint – L500xW400xH800cm – Wethouder Hoogendijktunnel, Krimpen aan den IJssel, Netherlands
‘Head in the Clouds’ – 1997 – Bleu de Vire granite, aluminium – L300xW250xH525cm – Visserslaan, Arnhem, Netherlands


Emancipation Monument – 1995 – aluminium – L225xW150xH225cm – two cymbals supporting each other – line of poetry by Elly de Waard – Niek Engelschmanlaan, Nijmegen, Netherlands



‘Rorate Caeli’ – 1995 – Calacatta marble, aluminium – L400xW350cm – floor sculpture – Franciscus Xaverius Church, Amersfoort, Netherlands
‘Archipel’ – 1992 – Anröchter dolomite stone, steel, stainless steel, PU paint – L475xW250xH675cm – cloudshape with islands from all over the world – Doornenburg, NL
‘Great Example’ – 1992 – Anröchter dolomite stone – 2pcs, L180xW70xH425 and L260xW80xH300cm – Veeartsenijpad, Utrecht, Netherlands