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‘Supervision’ – 2016 – 73 portraits of heads of secret services from all over the world are observing a platform with an accordion. The musician has fled but his instrument, activated by a sensor on the public’s approach, jumps up and gives a last sigh.
Installation in MIR, Code Rood, Arnhem, NL. October 2016
‘Whatever Happens’ – 2015 – digital print on vinyl – 2000x125cm – Baskent University, Ankara, Turkey – On a bus stop between the campus and the adjacent police post.


‘Dolmuş’ – 2011 (temporary project) – 48 digital prints 70x70cm – photos of the drivers’ moneyboxes in Ankara’s minibuses – Along Karanfil Sokaǧı, Kizilay, Ankara, Turkey – Çankaya International Public Art Manifestation, Ankara

‘Turkish Euro’ – 2010/2011 – 1000 coins minted by the Turkish State Mint after my design. Spread over streets and parks in Turkey and the Netherlands. Also presented to ministers, europarlementarians, diplomats and other persons involved with the relation between Turkey and the EU. With support of the Mondriaan Fund.


‘Short Story’ – 2007 – ‘American Diner’ bus stop, jukebox with 20 short stories – Every year 20 different stories. Editors: Jerome Symons and Jos Schoots – The project runs from 2007-2022 – Location: Transferium Wittenberg, Garderen. Commissioned by Provincie Gelderland, NL


‘Transit’ – 2006 – 2 looped videos, synchronized projection on opposite walls. First shown in exhibition ‘Contempt’, Mediamatic, Amsterdam, 2006, curated by Moniek Voulon
‘Women’s Mosque’ – 2005 -2 C-prints on fabric, 1090x665cm; 2 vinyl inflatables L700xW700xH700cm. Discussion centre De Balie in Amsterdam was converted into a women’s mosque for a program on islam and feminism, organized by Foundation Zeina.
Foto; Johannes Abeling, Het Parool
‘Musis Mosque’ – 2005 – digital print on vinyl – 900x400cm – concert hall ‘Musis Sacrum in Arnhem, NL, converted into a mosque in a large ‘carpet’ on the facade. In the ‘Musis Project’, curated by Rob Sweere
‘No Problem’ – 2005 – video installation – in exhibition ‘Good Vibrations’, Melksalon, Arnhem, NL

‘No Problem’ – 2004 – video 01:30 – At the construction site of the Burj Khalifa, Dubai, the tallest building in the world. With the workers who at the time were building the foundations.

‘NO GO’ – 2002 – wood, corrugated iron, paint – in exhibtion ‘Naturally, naturally’, Apeldoorn
Fault’ – 2000 – fireproof coverall, H200cm – looped video, taken from a boat on the Bosporus, between Asia and Europe. Both shores were filmed simultaneously. East and West are seeking one horizon. – First shown at Oratorio di San Ludovico, Nuova Icona, Venice, 2000


Two sides of the Bosporus, filmed simultaneously.


‘PARADISE REGAINED’ – 2000 – video installation – Performed by the workers of Yuzi Paradise – On an empty field oudside the broken wall around paradise, a group of workers is meticulously researching the new terrain.
‘PARADISE REGAINED’ – 2000 – 8 digital prints 160x90cm – portraits of the workers in the video, installed in front of the stained glass windows of De Wyer, a former chapel in Boxmeer, NL
‘Fantasma’ – 1998 – vinyl inflatable lifeboat with slideprojections of desert panorama, stroboscopes and shortwave radio with live sound of nearby air traffic communications – vinyl coverall with video and sound of clapping hands – first shown at ‘Time Fiction’, Gelderland Biennial, Arnhem, NL, 1998